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Artists for the daily and sunday newspaper strips


Lee Falk (1934-1999)
Alfred Bester (1942-1945 asst. writer)
Fred Fredericks (1999- )


Phil Davis (1934-1964) *
Ray Moore (1935 asst. ink)
Martha Davis (1944-1965 asst.)
Martha Davis (1965)
Fred Fredericks (1965 - ) **

* Lee Falk did some sketching 1934 - 1936, other unknown asst. in the 1930's and 1940's ?

**Frank Thorne ghosted one week (February 21th to 26th, 1966) and then Bob Fujitani ghosted the next week (February 28th to March 5th, 1966).

There are several other index's for the newspaper strips. The Deep Woods have a nice one, Magnus Magnusson have an other, especially made for the publicationes in Sweden.

One can find the Italian Mandrake index, dailies - sundays - italian comic books, it these two books:
1. Giuseppe Vecchio - L'uomo del mistero (1996)
2. Alessandro Tesauro - Il mago del mistero (2005)

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