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Non Newspaper strips

There has been made several adventures with Mandrake the Magician especially for comic books:

1948 Nerbini;
artists: Aurelio Galleppini, Franco Donatelli, Roberto Lemmi, Guido Fantoni and Frantoni.
Note: M. Mirabella also edited and redraw several of the strips by Phil Davis.

1956 Dell Publishing - Four Color # 752;
writer: Paul Newman, artists: Stan Campbell
1960's Fratelli Spada - Il Vascello Mandrake;
writers: Giovanni Fiorentini and others, artists: Germano Ferri (only one episode), Silio Romagnoli, Annibale Casabianca, Carlo Cedroni (1964-1968), S. Totty [eg. Salvatore Stizza] (about 1967), Angelio Raffaele Todaro (1967-1969), USam [eg. Umberto Sammarini] (about 1971), Giorgio Cambiotti (about 1972), and many unknown artists.
The cover artists: Mario Caria, Mario Pedrazzi, A.Todaro, Romano Felmang, USam.
Note 1: Domenico Mirabella edited and redraw old adventures by Phil Davis, Italian Mandrake adventures from the 1948 series of Nerbini and also other various Italian comic books into "new" Mandrake adventures.
Note 2: Most of this adventures have been printed in France, some of them also in Brazil and Turkey. Two of this advendtures have also been printed in the 1966 King Comics Mandrake serie.

1960's Rio Gráfica Editora S/A - Mandrake;
artists: Evaldo de Oliveria, Walmir Amaral and other unknown artists
1966 King Comics - Mandrake the Magician/ The Phantom / Flash Gordon;
artists: Fred Fredericks, Don Heck, Werner Roth, Andre LeBlanc, Ray Bailey, Salvatore Stizza (S. Totty), Domenico Mirabella and some unknown artists.
1987 Marvel Star Comics -. The Defenders of the Earth ## 1 - 4 (5);
writers: Stan Lee and Michael Higgins, penciled by Alex Saviuk, and inked by Fred Fredericks.
1987 Western Publishing - The Defenders of the Earth (from the tv serie, eg not comics)
writer: Jack C. Harris with illustrations by Gene Biggs.
1995 Marvel Comics - Mandrake the Magician # 1, # 2 (3);
writer: Mike Barr, artist: Rob Ortaleza
2008 Moonstone Books - Captain Action # 1;
writer: Mike Bullock, artist: Samicler Gonçalves.
Note: Include a 6 pagers Mandrake story.

2008 Moonstone Books - The Phantom Annual # 2
writer: Mike Bullock and Kevin Grevioux, artist: Samicler Gonçalves.
Note: Guest-Starring Mandrake the Magician.

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