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Eris (The Night People)

A Play by Lee Falk






TIME: The present, late at night

PLACE: On a high bridge over a big river that borders a city

A dark night on a high bridge. There is a concrete ledge that runs along the side of the bridge Upstage. On the ledge is an iron railing about three feet high. The ledge and the railing run the width of the stage. There is an indication of high supporting arches of the bridge that might suggest soaring arches of a cathedral. In the distance and far below are the river and lights of the city. We hear a foghorn occasionally. Also the occasional sound of a car passing on the bridge on the roadway which can not be seen here.

The setting ...The pedestrian walk on sidewalk portion at side of the bridge. Near the footlights is a curb. Beyond this (in the front of the orchestra) is where the automobile roadway would be. At rise a poorly dressed Wan is leaning on the railing looking down at the river, his back to the audience. We bear a dog barking off Left. The Man glances to the Left. A small dog runs across stage and exits at Right. It is not necessary to have an actual dog. It is enough that we hear the sound off Left, then off Right. The Man's glance follows the fading dog barks. Then he looks back at the river. We hear the sound of a car, then that of a motor idling and a car door opening off Left. A young Policeman walks on from the Left with a flashlight. He points the beam at the Man who ignores it.

COP. You. (The Man turns his head slightly towards the Policeman.) What are you doing here?

MAN. Looking at the river.

COP. It's late. Don't you think you'd better go home?

MAN. Am I breaking the law? (Man turns to the Policeman, his face in the light beam. He shades his eyes.)

COP. No. Say, I've seen you out before, haven't I?

MAN. (Unemotionally.) I don't know.

COP. More than once. Do you come here every night?

MAN. Not every night.

COP. What do you do out here?

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