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Mandrake in USA

(Language English)


Withman Publishing CoBig Little Books1935-1946
David McKayLarge Feature Books194?-1948
David McKayMagic Comics1939-1949
David McKayKing Comics1936-1951
Harvey ComicsHarvey Comics Hits1951
Harvey ComicsFamily Funnies1951
Dell Publishing Four Color1956
King ComicsMandrake the Magican1966-1967
King ComicsThe Phantom1966-1967
King ComicsFlash Gordon1966-1967
Nostalgia PressThe Golden Age of Comics1970
Modern PromotionsGiant Comic Album1972
King ComicsSupplementary Reading Program1973 and 1977
Pacific Comics ClubThe Golden Age of the Comics1976
Pacific Comics ClubComics Stars in the World1976-1978
Grosset & Dunlap (Tempo)Classic Strips1979
Pacific Comics ClubFeature Books1993
Pioneer ComicsKing Comic Heroes1988
Pioneer ComicsThe Official Mandrake The Magician1988-1989
Pioneer ComicsThe (Official) Mandrake Sundays vol1989
Pioneer ComicsThe Ultimate Mandrake1989
Pioneer ComicsThe Official Mandrake Monthly1989
Pioneer ComicsThe Official Mandrake (bw cvr)1989
Pioneer ComicsThe Official Mandrake Annual1989
Pioneer ComicsThe Official Mandrake King Size1989
Pioneer ComicsThe Official Mandrake Limited1989
Pioneer ComicsPrince Valiant Monthly1989
MarvelMandrake the Magician1995
AC ComicsMen of Mystery Comics1999-
MoonstonMandrake the Magician ?2008-

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