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About the web master

The Xanadu project first began way back in 2003 with my personal needs to sort my Mandrake collection.

I found that the info about Mandrake the Magician on the net was small fragments in different languages and I decided to try making a site for him, before he become to old and forgotten.

From my first small notes concerning my collection the Xanadu project was growing and soon it develop into this site.

Xanadu is in 4 major parts:

1. The creators
- Information about the creators; Lee Falk, Phil Davis and Fred Fredericks
- Newspaper Index - dailies and sundays

2. Mandrake the Magician
- Information and articles about Mandrake and the world he lives in

3. Comic Books
- Mandrake comic book world index and cover gallery

4. Mandrake outside the comics
- Movies, radio show, and everything else

If anyone can help me to collect better information's and scans for my project, I would appreciate it.

If anyone would like to support my work be free to donate a small amount to this project.

The Clay Camel ....................... 2008

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