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Mystery's of Mandrake the Magician

In the Lion Cave - Censorship in Italy

Mandrake's first adventure ("The Cobra" md-340611-341124) were printed in the italian weekly magazine "L'Avventuroso", from this it has been published several times and are in good shape, the publications even maintain Phil Davis name; the original american handwritten dates and KFS copyrights logo (e.g.. this only to the 28.08.1934 -another history of censorship:-).

In USA the first adventure only (?) exist on microfilms for public Americans libraries, and the quality is....Well...

Some years ago (in the mid 1970s) an American student of comics, Enrique Zeiger, help Bill Blackbeard (SFACA) to restore Mandrake's first adventure. In this work he intended to take the handwritten text from the american microfilms and glue them into the balloons on the Italian newspaper version.

But when he compare them he discover something strange.......

The Italian strip from 23 oct 1934

The strip from 23.10.1934 start with a vignette, then a panoramic picture show our friends when entering the lion cave, next Mandrake pointing at the human remains after the Cobra's victims (or rather the lion!).

In the american strip the lion cave was filled with human bones, this bones were missing in "L'Avventuroso"!

The original strip from 23 oct 1934

The "L'Avventuroso" version was the one used when adapting the newspaper version into comic books.

And still this version is used when mandrakes first adventure is reprinted (Only the second picture of the strip was used in the adapted version for comic books). So there is not many people who have seen the original strip.

Leonardo Gori have an article "L mistero dei tagli di Mandrake" about the Italian censorship in Mandrake's first adventure. He believe that the italian publisher Nerbini in 1935 found the image to "horrible" and scaring for their readers and did some censure to it.

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