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Adaptation of original strips for reprint editions

Reading Mandrake Sundays ...

In the years 1972 and 1973 the Italian Fratelli Spada (and the French Editions des Remparts) did, in their série cronologia (série chronologique), reprint Mandrake's first 499 sunday pages. Some years later in 1980 this pages was collected into a 4 album serie.

When reading the pages from The Flame Pearls Pt.7: Land of the Giants (ms-410629-411102) I found something strange :

27 july - US-print 03 aug - SW print 10 aug - US print 17 aug - US print 24 aug - US print 31 aug - US print
TD 339 TD 340 TD 341 TD 342 TD 343 TD 344
Sorry, but this one I don't have in my collection.

I guess it is the six first pictures, leaving the last picture to be printed on TD 341.

Note the eyes of the girl !

From the 3 aug (TD 340) the original pages have 4 rows of pictures, but the Italian reprint still only have 3 rows, and soon the "reprint" become a bit out of order.

07 sept - US print 14 sept - US print 21 sept - US print 28 sept - US print 05 oct - US print 12 oct - US print
TD 345 TD 346 TD 347 TD 348 TD 349 TD 350

The reprint version then increase their rows from 3 to 4 rows, edit some pictures and take away some and they soon catch up with the original.

Note that the first pictures in the panels from 31 aug, 7 sep. and 21 sept. is taken away.

Why did the italian publisher edit the original this way?

I guess it is because the reprint pages was copies taken from an old european magazine printed late in 1941. It was war time and getting the popular Mandrake strip from US was not easy. In many countries the 1941 govorments had banned all comic strips from US (in Italy from late fall 1938) and only few countries could import and print the Mandrake strips. It may be that some pages (panels?) was missing (lost - damaged?) and the publisher in 1941 (or 1971?)tried to "repair" the pages. In the collection and reconstruction for the série cronologia this was the most original print the editor could find in europe, and used it for their cronologia version.

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