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Adaptation of original strips

Reformatted dailies, part 1 ..

An old friend of mine, Magnus Magnusson, once sent me some old pages from the 40s with Mandrake taken from the Swedish weekly magazine Allers. Most of the pages was from the long running Sunday story The Flame Pearls, but a few of the pages was from the daily adventures The Museum Mystery and The Octopus Ring.

The strange thing with the pages from the two daily adventures was the way they were edited. The daily strips were not just edited to fit the format of one page like we find in a comic book edition. This reformatted dailies was edited to look like a Sunday page. With a dramatic picture in the beginning and the end of the page, like one find in an ordinary Sunday page.

Let us have a look at a sample from The Museum Mystery:

Pictures from 11, 12 and 13 Mars 1940 Allers # 35 1940

Allers did print the reformatted The Museum Mystery and The Octopus Ring in # 22 1940 to # 50 1940 and # 51 1940 to # 49 1941. After this Allers started to print the Mandrake Sundays.

I long thought that these reformatted dailies was unique made for printing in Allers until one day a Norwegian collector, Kjell Steen, asked if he could see some more of these pages. The old Norwegian magazine Spøk og Spenning did print The Museum Mystery from # 1 1940 and The Octopus Ring from # 31 1941, and he wanted to compare the Allers pages with the similar pages in Spøk og Spenning. The pages were identical ! And more strange, he found that the reformatted The Museum Mystery first was printed in Norway !

Due to ww2 only a few Spøk og Spenning was printed the next years. But in # 2 1945 one more reformatted dailies turn up in the magazine, The Great Grando!

It is still a mystery who made these reformatted dailies and why. Of course, the stories could have been edited for the Norwegian magazine. But Kjell Steen also found several other figures with strange editions of original material in the magazine and some Mandrake covers taken from Mandrake stories not printed in the magazine. So it look like the material in the Spøk og Spenning and the covers was bought from an other (still unknown) publisher in Europe.

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