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Phil Davis drew some horses, who look alike some drawn by Alex Raymond

It is not an uncommon practice amongst comic strip and comic book artists to "borrow" layouts and drawing styles from other artists. In an interview published in King Comic Heroes (James Van Hise, Pioneer Books, 1988), Lee Falk tells an amusing anecdote from the early days of his Mandrake strip:

"When I was working with Phil Davis doing layouts very early in the game, we had a Sunday page which had some rearing horses. Now these are illustrative artists and they use photo references and whole files of other artists' material. When I indicated a rifle or a gun or a tank, he had a model or something to copy from. They didn't copy it -- they used the file to get something for a model and they sketched from it. They didn't trace it or anything like that. They had to have a model just like they'd have a model for a woman. At that very moment, in I think it was Flash Gordon, they had some rearing horses. We used that as inspiration, but we didn't copy it. About a year later I moved to New York, and I went up and I had dinner with Alex Raymond up in Stamford where I'd moved to in Connecticut and he was showing me through his studio in his beautiful house and there on his drawing board was the Flash Gordon he was working on and next to it was the Sunday page of Mandrake with the rearing horses -- he was using it as a model. I said, 'But Alex, we copied that from you!' He said "Oh, for Christ's sake!' He'd forgotten."

Alex Raymond 06 jan. 1935 - panel 5 and 6 ---- Phil Davis 23 jun. 1935 - panel 6 and 7

Phil Davis used Alex Raymonds sunday page from 06 jan. 1936 one more time for his Mandrake sunday page for the 11 aug. 1935:

Alex Raymond 06 jan. 1935 - panel 3 and 7 ---- Phil Davis 11 aug. 1935 - panel 1

I have been looking through all my sunday pages with Flash Gordon (1935-1942) but I have not found any more sunday pages with horses like those from the 06 jan. Could it be that Alex Raymond made a new sunday page for Flash Gordon when Lee Falk told him about it ? and draw a new sunday page - destroying the first one ?

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