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The Noble Art of Sweeping

Sample 1, a cut and past story.

Italy - La Maledizione Voodo in Fratelli Spada; Il Vascello - Mandrake, first serie # 129 from 1966.
France - La Malédiction Vaudou in Éditions des Remparts; Mondes Mystérieux - Mandrake, first serie # 97 from 1966.

Artist: Domenico Mirabella (?).


Some weeks ago I read through an Italian Mandrake magazine with a history made by a Fratelli Spada artist – and almost got a Déjà vu feeling. I had seen most of the drawings before, but where, ...... Hmmmm.

I look through a part of my collection of Mandrake and Phantom, and ...

Picture 1 (sequence of the witch):

Mandrake is taken from dailies from 1964/65 Return of the Mirror People and the witch is from the Phantom Sundays 1961/62 Queen Samaris XII.

Picture 2 (sequence of the drums):

Mandrake is from the Sunday story from 1961-62 The Collector and the other is from the Phantom day 1963/64 The Drummer of Timpenni.

Picture 3 (sequence before the end):

Part of the picture are taken from the Phantom Sunday 1963 Old Baldy. The snake - I do not know.

It turns out that almost all images in the whole story are made up of elements taken from the Phantom and Mandrake strips. One can find similar edited stories in the same era, made by Domenico Mirabella, and I believe DM also made this one.

A while ago ipcomics had an article about the noble art of sweeping, but this has to be an example of the noble art of cut and past + extra ink ?

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