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Mandrake Sundays

Logos for Sundays Pages - Phil Davis

During the first months of release of the Mandrake Sunday pages Phil Davis experimented with various styles. He also experimented with several logos for the new Sunday series.

In the adaptation for comic books these logos often were cut of and therefore I have gathered the various logos here.

The first logo (at left) we only find on the very first Mandrake Sunday page from the of February 1935.

The second week we find a variant (at right), almost identical, of the first logo.

The third week we find this long and unique logo.

The fourth week Phil Davis reused the logo from the second week.

In the fifth week of this adventure we find one more unique logo.

For the sixth week Phil Davis draw a new logo (at left) and this one were used the next weeks until week 15, where we for the first time find the well-known Mandrake the Magician logo (at right).

For the weeks 16 and 17 one find the previous (at left) logo before the new logo finally was adopted on 2 June 1935 for the beginning of Mandrake in the Lands of Fakirs.

During the second Sunday storie Phil Davis did one more variant of this logo, and used this variant now and then.

One could say that the Mandrake logo is more like the work of a letterers than a graphic designer. But I think the elegance of the logo gives its stamp on the series.

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