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The Fratelli Spada Adventures in the King Comics Mandrake 1966 serie

King Comics Mandrake issue 8 King Comics Mandrake issue 9

In 1966-67 King Comics published ten issues of a Mandrake the Magician comic magazine. One also have found 3 penciled pages of an unfinished Mandrake story named "Seeing is Believing" which I guess was thought to be issue 11 in this serie. Mandrake stories also ran as 4 pages back-up features in The Phantom and Flash Gordon, two other King Comics titles from 1966-67.

The Mandrake adventures was made by the artists Don Heck, Werner Roth, Andre LeBlanc, Ray Bailey, Salvatore Stizza, Domenico Mirabella and (for me) two unknown artists.

About these years Salvatore Stizza and Domenico Mirabella did make several Mandrake adventures for the Italian Mandrake magazine for the editor Fratelli Spada. About this time the Italian Mandrake stories was 32 pages long, while the King Comics Mandrake series only had 24 pages in their Mandrake stories.

Italian issue 85 Italian issue 90

Let us compare the King Comics issues with the Fratelli Spada issues and have a look.

The KC Mandrake issue 8 printed the story The Telltale Doll. This adventure was made by Salvtore Stizza [did use the signature S. Totty in some Mandrake stories], it was first printed in the Italian Mandrake magazine issue 85 from 1965 under the title La bambola drogata. In France we find this story in Mandrake issue 71 from 1965 under the title La poupée mexicaine.

The KC Mandrake issue 9 printed the story Terror from Outer Space. This adventure was made by Domenico Mirabella, it was first printed in the Italian Mandrake magazine issue 90 from 1965 under the title Il malvagio venuto dallo spazio. In France we find this story in Mandrake issue 73 from 1965 under the title Un malfaiteur venu de l'espace.

French issue 71 French issue 73

The King Comics version one can find printed in several other Mandrake magazines from various countries, but the original 32 pagers stories one only finds in Italy and France.

Reading through these stories one may wonder if they originally was drawn to be Mandrake adventures. It could be that these stories first were drawn with other figures as the main characters. And later on Domenico Mirabella (he edited and redraw several Mandrake stories made by Phil Davis and the Italian Nerbini artists for new printing in Fratelli Spada’s Mandrake magazine) and Salvatore Stizza cut out the main characters and drew in Mandrake and friends.

To compare the pages in the Fratelli Spada version with the King Comic version I will use the French Mandrake # 71 and # 72.p>

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