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Friends of Mandrake


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From the first story of Mandrake he was aided by his massive African servant(even mention as Mandrake's slave in a Little Big Book form 1935 !) Lothar. In the early days he was drawn and acted like a primitive savage, speaking a kind of pidgeon english and uses his raw muscle power when Mandrakes magical power come to short dealing with criminals.

In an early adventure Lothar return to the his childhood jungle (md-390904-391223) and find that his people still remembered him as Lothar the strong, son of the great dead king. His trieb, Wambesi, had trouble with the evil wizzard Besa who tried to forced the people to make him the new king. At the end Lothar fights and defeat Besa and Lothar became the new King of Wambesi. But the life as a king was to boring for a man who had a life full of new adventures together with Mandrake. And when Lothar find out that he have to remarriy all of his fathers (now old and ugly) widdows he in a hurry reunce his trone and once again joined the companionchip with Mandrake.

Lothar's life as the king

Wambesi is a quite interesting tribe because it's one of the first tribes named in Falk's other strip from 1936, the Phantom, later on Wambesi developed to be one of the major tribes in the Jungle of Bengal.

And, Wambesi was also a tribe in adventures of Tim Tylers Luck !!!

During the years Lee Falk moved Bengal, the land of the Phantom, from Asia to the cost of Africa and it seems like Lee Falk early placed Lothar's tribe somewhere in Zimbabwe. Once his tribe want help from Lothar (md-480719-481002) he and Mandrake takes the plane to Rhodesia and traveled to Rhodar, the capital city for the federates tribes of Rhodar. Rhodar was also the name of Lothar's father, and Lothar's title was named: Prince Lothar, son of Rhodar. Lee Falk also named him as King Lothar of the Federated Tribes(md-521006-521227 and md-521229-530418). It may be that during ww2 the tribe Wambesi had expanded and become the largest tribe in a federation of several tribes in Zimbabwe ?

from 1967

Once a year representatives from the Federation of the Twelve Nations (ms-670430-670924) visit Lothar and try to persuade him to return as the King, or even as the president for their country.

In modern times there has been a change (ms-950129-960107) in the form of government for the Federation of the Twelve Nations, and a president has been elected.

I should have written a long article about black people in the comics, but others have done this better :-)

There has been a huge change in the description of Lothar from the early years as a servant (even mention as slave) and now as Mandrake's closest friend and crime fighter partner.

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