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Mandrake the Magician's family


Derek, Mandrake's twin brother - in the Phil Davis era

right: Derek

Mandrake are not a person who telling much about him self. 14 years after Narda had meet him she found that Mandrake had a twin brother, Derek.

Their father was Grando the Great, the cleverest and best stage magicians of his time(1). Their mother died when they was young, and through their childhood they became their fathers assitants. Mandrake quickly acquired great skill in magic and was favored by his father. Derek was jealous of his brother and began to develop a negative personality, where he began a steal and lie. At the years of 12 the family reach the College of Magic but sadly soon their father become ill and died. Derek continued to develope his negative personality during the years at CM. After graduating at the age of 18 the twins started working together on the stage but they splitt apart after a dispute over an emerald necklace that Derek had stolen.

young Derek

And now, 10 (?) years after they split apart the twins meet again. At the end of the story Derek realize that he misused his magical power and ask Mandrake to use hypnosis so he could forget all his knowledge about illusions and mass hypnosis.

Two years later Derek was a guest at Mandrake's birthday (2).

Mandrake retold his childhood a bit different a few years later (3):
He came to CM at the age of 12, together with his 10 years little brother Derek !
After 5 years Derek got bored of the "hokus-pocus" and left the CM. Mandrake was graduate tree years later and then left the CM.

2md-062Mandrake's Birthday
3md-122Master of Magic

Derek, Mandrake's twin brother - in the Fred Fredericks era

Basil with family

Mandrake retold his childhood once more:
Their mother died when they were small, it was hard for their father, a (nameless) travelling stage magician to raise them. So when the twins was about 10 years old - A foster home for the baby sister Lenore, and the twins followed their father to the College of Magic (4).

Next to grand master Theron the most brilliant teacher was Luciphor (the Cobra). He fasinated Derek and his evil left its mark on Derek (4 and 5).

After graduation the twins stayed together a short time. Derek liked to gamble and did use his magical skils to win. Mandrake tried to talk with him and it ended with a terrible fight, and the did not see eachother for many years. Derek got into bad company and began a career in crime.

Five years later Theron calling through the crystal cube. Asking Mandrake to take away Derek's power because he used his power for evil.

After a long conventional and mental battle Mandrake was abel to drawing the "power" from Derek. Although he still keept the skill of his hands and how to handle the cards. Now and then he worked at as magician at night-clubs - without the power and without the crime. And, in secret, he tried to get back his power

During the CM years there was a young lovely student, Aleena. She enjoy the situation where two young men fighting for her favor (5). And did not care if this created bad blood between the twins.

Theron with family

Aleena and the twins

Theron finally told Mandrake the truth about his origin (6). He had been married 12 times:
- With his 11th wife he had the son Luciphor (The Cobra).
- His 12th and last wife, Eleanore, died when she gave birth to the twins Mandrake and Derek.
During the war times in Tibet all the children was sent to a safer place for children. The twins left the College of Magic with Basil the Great, and when he become ill he returned with the twins and died shortly after. For many years the twin brothers believed that Basil was their father.

Next time Theron telling about Mandrakes childhood he said that the twins were split apart (7) when their mother died. Eleanore’s father, the duke, brought Derek to his palace - leaving Mandrake at the college. And that Basil brought only Mandrake with him during the war years in Tibet.

One day Derek got back his magical powers, and soon he become the new gang boss in town - King Kered(8). Once again Theron sent Mandrake out on the mission to take away the power from Derek.

Next Luciphor turn up at Derek's hotel room (9). They found that they both have about 25 % of their magical power left, and together they would become a dangerious team against Mandrake. They both want revenge and The Cobra wanted to force Mandrake to restore their magical powers, with help of the mysterious crystal cube. But even fighting against this dark partnership Mandrake manage to defeat both of his brothers.

Then one day a young boy turn up at Xanadu (10). It was Eric, son of Derek. His father was in prision in Tranquilla. He had cheated the dictator general Regaz in cards and tried to "steal" his wife Lupita. The dictator sentence Derek to the firing squad and Eric wanted Mandrake to rescue him. After a visit in Tranquilla both Derek and Mandrake returned to US, - alive.

Outside the Explorers' club Mick Bliss run into his old friend Mandrake (11). Mike was in short for a last minute replacement for his jungle expedition and convinced Mandrake to join him. But it was not Mandrake Mice run into, it was his twin brother Derek. Soon Mike, his wife Hilda and Mandrake was on a plane to Gironda Island looking for a lost treasure.

Mandrake and Eric

Mike told that the natives brought tribute to The Idol, either for worship or to keep them safe from something frightening. Mike hoped that finding the lost treasure this could point to a lost civilization. When Mandrake found out that his old friends had made a big mistake he took the first plane to the island. Finding Mike, Hilda and Derek in big trouble. The idol turn out to be a dangerious wheel-man from the land of X. And at the same time the bounty hunter mr. Klegg was looking for Derek. Hunting the two million dollars reward the dictator from Tranquilla would pay for bringing in Derek - dead or alive. Mandrake manage to resque both his friends and his twin brother. Bue even after this, Derek still wanted Mandrake to restore his power - else Mandrake would be a dead man.....

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