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Mandrake the Magician's family

Mandrake's Father ?

Lee Falk did not tell much about the person Mandrake or about his origin. Reading through my Mandrake collection I only found small parts about Mandrake's family the early years:

Mandrake's father part 01 - Grando the Great

Mandrake's father 1948

In the story about Mandrake's twin brother ("Derek" md-481227-490423) Mandrake tells Narda the story about his childhood, and that his father was Grando the Great, the cleverest and best stage magicians of his time.

Grando the Great teaches his sons and brought them with him in his world wide stage show, always looking for some new and better magical tricks to use in their show. Finally they reach India, the land of magic, and find the college of Magic in a hidden valley of Tibet. Grando the Great become ill and entrust the children to Theron, shortly after he died.

Mandrake's father 1963

Mandrake's father part 02

Lee Falk did tell the same (but shorter) story in “Master of Magic” (md-630805-631207) but did not mentioned any names of their father.

Mandrake's father part 03

Mandrake's father 1976

Mandrake's mother ("The Evil Twin" md-760216-760619) died when they were young. For their father, a traveling stage magican , it become hard to raise the twin brothers and their baby sister.

When the twin brothers was 10 years old Mandrake's father leave Leonore in a foster home and leave the twin brothers with his old friend Theron at the college of magic. Mandrake's father planned to return but no one knew how ill he was, and that was the last time the twin brothers saw him.

Mandrake's (foster) father part 04 - The Great Basil

Mandrake's foster father 1981

In the adventure “Mandrake’s Family” (md-810316-811205) Lee Falk retold the origin of Mandrake. Almost the same history but visiting the Collegium Magikos Theron asked Mandrake what he know about his family.

Mandrake said that the only thing he knew, was that he and Derek was foster childs of a traveling stage magician, The Great Basil. (Strangly Mandrake said in the story "Behind Death's Door" (md-840820-850202) that he, before Theron told the thruth thought, believed that Basil was his father!)

Then Theron told Mandrake the thruth about his origin...............:

Mandrake's father part 05 - Theron

It was him, Theron, who was the father of Mandrake and Derek. Sadly their mother, Eleanora, died when she gave birth to the twins. (but.... Mandrake's little sister, Lee ?)

This was during the war times and when the enemy invaders came to the college of magic, one of the students named Basil the Great took the children with him to a safer place.

The children first grow up with their foster father and he came back with them to the College of Magic when they were 10 years (also mention 5 years in this adventure) old. Basil leave the college and died shortly after.

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