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Friends of Mandrake

The Police Chief

the Police chief

The Police chief make his first appearance in a one page adventure (ms-390129) and next in an other one page adventure (ms-390910)

The Police chief's first bigger adventure with his friend Mandrake were in the sundays (ms-400204-400414).

After this adventure the Police chief turn up and helped Mandrake in many of his fights against various criminals.

In the dailies the police chief had his first small roll in 1941 (md-4106-411108), and next in 1944 (md-410131-440624).

The police chief had a bigger roll in his third adventure when he and Mandrake fights the Brass Monkey, daughter of the Clay Camel (md461216-470322). This is also where he first start to smoke cigars.


a granddaughter

There is known very little about the police chief's family, only that he have a granddaughter (md-481227-490423) and a son, Chris (md-640615-640822), who was a student at college.

During the era of Fred Frederics we learn that the police chief's name was Bradley.

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