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The Bad Ones


Octopus - in the Phil Davis era

the Octopus

The first clue for the crime league 8 was in an early adventure ("The Octopus Ring" md-400506-401221) were Mandrake fights against the strange and mysterious Octopus.

Scorpia - The Phantom in the Wilson McCoy era

The next clue is from the world of the Phantom were Diana once study history and came across an old pirate syndicate from 1612 ("The Scorpia" pd-581223-580503). She soon find out that the "Scorpia" still existed, and that they did not like anybody who stumbled over their secret crime syndicate.

The league of 8 - in the Fred Fredericks era

Researching with Professor Ludd, Narda stumbles upon clues about an ancient organization of crime ("The League of 8" md-650816-660205) and she came across small histories about the 800 years old crime syndicate known as "8" or "the 8's liga".

Both Mandrake and Narda soon find a sinister, and mysterious international crime ring. The 8 syndicate disliked that somebody did find out that they still exist, and they kidnap Narda and try to kill Mandrake.

They discover that 8 was organized like a octopus, with the brain in the middle and local arms who didn't know of each other. The secret league used a computer to decide what to do if a problem turn up, he could send a Q (quizzer) or a X (executioner) if needed. With a bit help from the police Mandrake manage to defeat one of the local arms of 8.

the strange cufflinks

Short time after Mandrake phones his new friend Jed at the Inter Intel due to a lot of UFO ("The UFO" md-660919-670114) observations nearby. It soon turn out that it was just some criminals that had steal a strange new military plane and disguise as aliens they committed their crimes.

But when Mandrake reads the newspaper afterwords ("The Trail of 8" md-660919-670114) and look at one picture from the crime scene he finds out that one of the criminals were cufflinks with the 8 symbol and once again he find himself fighting against the mysterious crime league of 8.

Mandrake finds out that when pressing at one of the cufflinks a signal was sent to the headquarter of the league of 8 and that their X's were microphones so that their leaders could follow what's going on. If any of their X's failure their mission a second X would execute the first one, the league of 8 demand that their people complete their mission. The leaders of 8 follow the judgment given to them by a huge computer.

With a bit help from the police and Inter Intel Mandrake manage to once more defeat one of the arms of 8, and the main headquarter blow up the arm with a bomb at the end.

at the hk of 7'th arm of the leguage of 8

The english crime professor Dr Dell ("Dr Dell and 8" md-680115- 680511) become fascinated by Mandrake's adventures with the league of 8 and started to lecture about the crime organization. Suddenly she, Mandrake and Lothar was kidnapped by the league of 8.

With help from Inter Intel it our friends succeeded to escape from the headquarter for the 7. arm of the league of 8, just in time before the mastermind chief blow the whole headquarter in the air. This headquarter, a 8 shaped castle on a small island was filled with the 8 symbols. There was a 8 shaped table with 8 chairs for the 8 local arm leaders, and 8 shaped flowerbed and a sun clock with 8 8 digits.

Jef made a phone call to Mandrake about his discovery of pictures of criminals who had a small 8 digit tattoo ("The Bribe" md-690714-691115) when Lothar suddenly find out he was the only bride after his late uncle Tabor. Soon Mandrake and Lothar once again find themselves fighting against the 5'th arm of the leauge of 8, and that was the end of Octon's fifth arm.

Lothar try to stop a gang of drug dealers ("Trail of The Pusher" md-720703-721021) just to find out that this was the 3. arm of Octon. After the arm's failure Octon blow up their headquarter.

is Hojo ..... ?

Hojo, the massive master chef and major dome of Xanadu has a secret lift between 09:00-17:30 - a man of mystery. When he took some days off Jed asked Mandrake a bit about him ("The Mysterious Chief" md-760920-761211). Had Mandrake ever thought about Hojo as Octon, the mysterious leader of 8 ? It would make sense and explain why Octon always know when Mandrake and Inter Intel was after him. Hojo have many secrets but none of them was as Octon.

the shadow of Octon

Our friends had a picnic by the pool at Xanadu when a small plain draw an 8 in the sky ("8" md-770801-771217), the signal to the 6'th arm of Octon to rob the bank. Mandrake and Lothar manage to find what they believe was the main headquarter of the league of 8, but it was only the headquarter of the 6'th arm and Octon blow it up when the arm failure their mission. Octon was 500 miles away and for the first time Fred Fredericks showed us the sign of Octon together with the shadow of Octon. Strangely Mandrake said that this was the 4'th arm of the league of 8 that had been destroyed (only 4 ?).

Hojo and the sign of Octon

An ambassador and Hojo ("Hojo and 8" md-801215-810314) became kidnapped by a unknown arm of Octon. The mysterious Hojo and mysterious Octon for the first time meet, before the arm's failiure and Octon's bombs their headquarter.

Octon now hired murders for trying to kill Mandrake ("The Murder Contract" md-860224-860531) only for to in the end blow up the headquarter for the 5'th arm of the league of 8.

Next a writer came for making a interview of Mandrake ("The Executioner from 8" md-870907-880109), and left a bomb ! Then attack Xanadu with poison gas.

Octon now almost lost his mind and send bombs after bombs for trying to kill Mandrake ("The Gift from 8" md-890710-891021), only to loose the 7'th arm in the fight.

At the end ("Return of the Clay Camel...and Others" md-901119-910413) Mandrake and Lothar manage to find and defeat the last arm of Octon. And finaly ("The Book of Criminals" md-920420-921205) find and defeat the mysterious Octon, leader of the leguage of 8. And to their surprise they find that it was the Cobra who was the secret Octon.

Lee Falk started to tell a new story about the return of 8 in his last daily strip story ("The Secret Mission" md-990215-990703), but died soon afterwards. His ideas never saw print and Fred Fredericks was left to fill-in with a flashback about Narda, and then develop a new angle to finish the story off.

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