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The Bad Ones

Saki, the Clay Camel

Saki, the Clay Camel - in the era of Phil Davis

clay camel

in jail

In the adventure Saki, The Clay Camel (md-350617-351102) inspector Duffy try to arrest Mandrake, mistaken him for being the mysterious Saki, the greatest thief in Arabia.

Saki was known as the Clay Camel because of the small camel made of clay he left at his crime scenes. He was a master of disguises, and was known to be able to mimic anyone and change his appearance in seconds.

Saki also was the secret and mysterious leader of thieves and murderers, and reveals Mandrake as a spy and ordered his death. At the end Mandrake manages to beat him and Saki were jailed by inspector Duffy.

Shortly after Saki somehow manage to escape from the jail in The Return of the Clay Camel (md-360302-360718) and once again Mandrake find himself in a fight against the master of disguises. And once again he manages to beat the Clay Camel and leave him in the hands of inspector Duffy.

The Brass Monkey

brass monkey

in jail

Many years after (md-461216-470322) the Police chief had similar crime case in US, but this time the symbol left at the crime scene was a brass monkey.

It turn out that the Brass Monkey was the daughter of the Clay Camel and that he had teach her all his secrets. She claimed that the Clay Camel had got pneumonia in the cold jail and that it killed him. She wants revenge and wanted to kill Mandrake, who got him into the jail. But, as she find out, it is hard to beat Mandrake in the final fight.

Strangely, in Return of the Clay Camel (md-550523-550716), he turn up again - now in the US - and alive! This time he was after the crown jewels of Cockaigne, witch Narda had in her US house. At the end the Clay Camel once again was jailed.

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