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The Bad Ones

The Cobra

The Cobra - in the Phil Davis era

the Cobra

the end of ..

In Mandrake's first adventure ("The Cobra" md-340611-341124) he fights against the evil Cobra, a master hypnotist and telepath as well as a brilliant scientist. The Cobra were beaten and left as a cobra (yes, Mandrake transform him) in Egypt.

The Cobra recovered ("In the Cobra's Grip" md-370419-370911) now without his beard but with a oriental mustache, and were again planning to rule the world.

In the end the Cobra, forced outside and with nowhere to run, leaps over a cliff to escape capture: a fall that surely would kill any man but no body is seen, leaving the possibility of yet another return.

The Cobra - in the Fred Frederics era

the Cobra

And so he did ("The Cobra Returns" ms-650829-660403).

Mandrake tell that Luciphor (later the Cobra) was a skill teacher at the college of magic, but commit a robbery and run away from the college.

Later he used his magical power for crimes and became Mandrake's arch enemy. In their last fight there was a fire in the laboratories and no one heard about the Cobra for several years, believing he was dead.

with the silver mask

When the Cobra now turning up he blame Mandrake for that he have to wear a silver mask over his disfigured face, and he want revenge.

After their fight this time Mandrake once again manage to beat his enemy but the Cobra escape in a rocket.

The Cobra did survive the escape in the rocket and ("The Return of Evil - The Cobra "md-670116-670603) now his first step was trying to take over Cockaigne, and then... the world. Mandrake turn up and in the end there was en explosion where the Cobra once again escape.

Next the Cobra turn up in Tibet ("The Cobra Strikes" md-691117-700307) and besieged the College of Magic, now he go for the crystal cube. But to win a fight against Mandrake is not easy and in the end The Cobra escaped in a helicopter.

In this adventure there is a new version of Luciphor's background:
Luciphor first took the treasures in the College of Magic and when he go for the crystal cube it was guarded by Mandrake. Luciphor try to kill mandrake to get it but, Mandrake was saved when his brother Derek through himself in to the battle. Luciphor then run away and the treasure and crystal cube was saved.

The Cobra think a way to get the cube was by kidnapping Karma ("Karma's Adventure " md-700309-700725) and when he still don't succeeded he try to get some help from the Mole ("The Cobra and the Mole" md-711220-720401), and old enemy of Mandrake.

The Cobra use some time and construct a powerful machine that capture the waves from the crystal cubes when they are in use ("The Cobra and the Cube" md-740805-741102 and "The Search for the Cobra" md-741104-750118). More evil and powerful the Cobra started to visit Mandrake in his nightmares. The Cobra now controls peoples dreams and he use his power to try to become the ruler of the world, after a long and hard mental fight Mandrake manage to beat the Cobra once again.

After Mandrake have brought his crystal cube in safety with Theron at the College of Magic, the Cobra have a small fight against Mandrake ("Mandrake's Gangster Gallery" md-790807-800119) before Theron tells Mandrake the horrible truth behind Luciphor's hate against Mandrake.

your half brother is ..

Luciphor (the Cobra) is Theron's son, and thereby Mandrakes half brother ! ("Mandrake's Family" md-810316 -811205). When in the College of Magic Mandrake was the best student and Theron's favorite, then Luciphor discover the Mandrake was his younger half brother and developed a irreconcilable hate against Mandrake.

The Cobra try one more trick to fool Mandrake ("Behind Death's Door" md-840820-850202), he turn up without his silver mask ! Only to discover that once more Mandrake manage to beat his old enemy.

The Cobra ("King Kered" md-891023-900317) hate have one more reason to hate Mandrake after the episode where Luciphor try to steal the treasures of the College of Magic. Then Luciphor try to kill his brother Mandrake and Theron was furious at what he sees and blaze fire. The flames hit his face, and after escaping the College, Luciphor use the silver mask to hide his disfigured face and become The Cobra. And the Cobra blame Mandrake for his scarred face, and wants revenge.......

no mask

When Mandrake destroy the last arm of the crime syndicate 8 he was a bit surprised when he discover who was their secret leader (The Book of Criminals" md-920420-921205).

Luciphor now have lost his mental powers, but he still have his knowledge about chemistry and escape from the jail ("Pursuit of the Cobra" md-951030-960210) searching for revenge.

Once more ............................

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