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In the lands of Mystery

The Mirror World

Narda and Adran

One night Narda wake up and have a look at her mirror ("The Mirror People" md-441009-441216) she find that her mirror image behaved strange and ---
suddenly her mirror image, Adran, came through the mirror and kidnapped her to a strange mirror world.

Trying to rescue her Mandrake and Lothar finds their own mirror images very much alive, evil and powerful. Fighting against living mirror images was a rough fight in our world, they surroun us.

At the end our friends manage to defeat Ekardnam, Rahtol - but Ekardnam did hypnotize away Mandrake and Lothar's memory for their travel in the mirror world. And Narda was left alone, wondering about if the adventure was just a dream.

Narda and Adran

Some years went on and Narda forget all about the mirror world until on day, while sleeping in front of a mirror, Adran ("Return of the Mirror People" md-640824-650102) talked to her. Once again Narda was kidnapped into the strange mirror world - where everything was opposite from our world. Old ladies attacking those who want to help them over the streets, and corporals were the leading officers while the generals was lower officers. The criminal Ekardnam had invented a strange machine and with the machine the mirror world was able to look into our world - through the mirrors. At the same time Ekardnam also find a secret formula, which sprayed on the backside of mirrors, made them able to walk through the mirrors and into our word. As conquers. Narda ended in our world with the half recipes of the "walking through mirror" spray and only with the half of the recipes left in the mirror world Ekardnam was not able to make the spray anymore - and the passage between the worlds again was closed.

Karma and Amrak

Karma was the first to notice that Ekaram had manage to find a new formula that opened the mirror passage between the two worlds ("The Mirror Mystery" md-911118-920418), Mandrake at once phoned Narda just to find out it was to late. Narda was kidnapped into the mirror world, where the grass was blue and the sky green. Ekaram's torpedo and bodyguard, Rahtol, throw a can of "walking trough mirrors" spray into the hands of Lothar and our friends was in the other world. After a long struggle they find Narda at Udanax.

With the magical spray it was easy to leave our world, but leaving for coming back was not that simple. One mirror brought our friends 2 000 years back in time, one brought them into a space ship 2 000 years into the future while a third mirror brought the millions of years back in time - where a hungry and wild T-Rex was looking at his mirror image in a lake.

They find that the only way back was through the mirror they had come through.

Note: I think the first adventure from the Mirror World was written by Alfred Bester, during Lee Falk's ww II years.


The idea of a world behind the mirror is probably something most people have been fascinated by at some point in their lives. In literature there are many examples, from Lewis Carrol's second novel about Alice - Through the Looking Glass - to comics. From film and theatre I'd like to mention Jean Cocteau's Orphée (1950), where the road to the kingdom of the dead goes through a mirror.

There are many tales of the fauna some people say are "at the other end of the mirror". Paritcularly well known is the wriggling and shimmering fish that people in the Chinese region of Canton say you can catch a glimpse of if you just wait long enough. The idea of this mysterious fish can be traced back to a distant, mythical past.

It is said that back then the mirrorworld and man's world were not separated the way they are today, but lived in peaceful coexistence. It was possible to visit eachother. Walk in and out of mirrors.

One night the mirror people waged war on our world. They invaded us with great armies and wanted to enslave us. There was much blood shed, but in the end The Yellow Emperor got the upper hand. He forced the enemy back - and with the aid of magic he managed to capture them in their own mirrors !

There they remain today, and as a punishment they are subjected to the curse of in a dream they're forced to imitate us...always copy what we do.

The Yellow Emperor deprived the mirror people of their force and abilities, depived them of form and will - they are no more than purely slavish reflexes. Still - it has been foreseen -the day will come when the magic curse will no longer have effect... And the first one that will wake up, is the fish. Deep , deep inside the mirror we will sense a weak, little movement...

Later other shapes will start to move as well. And little by little the reflections will start to change. Little by little they will cease to look like us.

When the time is due they will break through all hindrances of glass and shiny metal and this time we will ot be able to defeat them. Alas this time all the creatures of the water will join in the fight. And they will join the people of the mirror world.

However there is no immediate reason for panic. It is said that in due time before a possible invasion the rattle of weapons will be heard from deep inside the mirrors - and as we all know: most - if not all - mirrors in the world are still completely soundless.

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