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In the lands of Mystery

The X Dimension


Traveling on a mountain road Mandrake and Lothar meet professor Theobold (1) a scientist who had discover a parallel universe, the X dimension. He discovered that ho could project a man from a steel chamber into the X dimension by means of molecular disintegration and atomic bombardment. The only person who had been projected in to this strange world was his daughter Fran, but she had not returned. Of course Mandrake and Lothar volunteer to enter the X dimension to rescue the girl.

In this strange world our friends at once was capture by strange wheel men made of living metal who enslaved flesh made human beings. Enslaving in a coal mine Mandrake meet Fran and the flesh-man Tolac and they told him about the mysterious world they were in.

In the land of X there was no time and the flesh-men was slaves for the wheel men and worked in their coal mines and oil field for making a proper diet for the wheel men, or they polish their master so they don't rust. The wheel men mold / plant their houses and when they were big enough they live in them. Their weapons was corrosive acid, which they also use to execute their criminals.

wheel man

wood and crystal men

When the wheel men was under attack by their hereditary enemy, a gigantic fire bird made by animated coal, our friends succeeded to escape their enslavement. Just to be in the claws of a Carnivfern, a man eating plant. After their fight with the Carnivfern they meet the tree-man Syca, from a peaceful primitive race who feed themselves with their feet / roots directly from the mud. The young tree-men could move about while the old ones took root in the earth and become fixed and stationary.

But from a crystal city at top of a high peak someone was looking for something to hunt. And after a suddenly attack our friends once more was capture, - this time by the transparent, cold, cruel, relentless crystal men. The hunters was one of the dominant races of X and live on sunlight, and they used the skins of flesh-men to polishing themselves.

Once more our friends manages to escape just to find them self in a fight with a gigantic water monster. Now Mandrake have enough of being enslaved and hunted and ask Tolac to take them to his tribe of flesh-men, where they try to raise the people for a revolt in the land of X. After Tolac have won the fight against the old chief, Grat, the flesh-men followed their new leader in the revolt.

bye Fran

First they defeated the crystal-men and second they defeated the wheel-men and Tolac became the first emperor of the X dimension. Safely Mandrake and Lothar find the way back to our world and that end their adventure in the X dimension.

And Fran ?

During the adventure Fran and Tolac had fall in love and the story ending with their wedding.

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