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Friends of Mandrake




One of Mandrake's most powerful friend is Magnon the emperor of a million planets. Their friendship started when Magnon fell in love with Carola, the empress of twelve planets.

Magnon want to marry her but Carola said no to his proposal. Carola said she was the most beautiful woman in the universe and even if Magnon was the emperor of the whole galaxy he was not worthy her as a wife. Magnon told her that he thought she was both conceited and stupid. And to prove that it has to be millions of other beautifully women, even more beautiful than Carola. Magnon set up for a gigantic beauty contest (ms-561118-570609).

One who read the advertisement for the contest on earth was Narda's brother King Segrid. He was a bit short with the finance for his small kingdom and find that one of the prices was "so many money you want". He asked Narda to join the contest, hoping she would donate the big money price to her home country.

Of course, in competition with 5 million beautiful earth girls, Narda won the contest, and then ..... When she and Mandrake meet up for receiving the price they both was hit by a light and transported with a glass elevator and into a spaceship (sort of "beam me up, Scotty"), and brought to the big finale for miss galaxy.

planet Magna

On the trip through space they learned that Magnon was the powerful emperor for a million planets and that his family had role for thousand generations. And that the competition was because it was only one thing Magnon could not get, he could not get Carola to love him.

The home planet of Magnon, Magna, is near the star Alpha Centauris about 30 000 million light years from the earth. Magna is one of about 10 millions planets with oxygen based life and there is about 200 millions people living at the planet. Their technology is about 50 000 years beyond our.

In competition with ten millions females Narda won the miss galaxy beauty competition and afterwards the emperor spend so mush time with Narda that both Mandrake and Carola start wondering. Carola found that she was jealous in the situation and that she actually was in love with Magnon and at the end they had a big wedding.

The only thing Narda wanted as miss galaxy was to come back to the earth, but first Magnon took away their memory of everything concerning Magnon and Magna. The earth was not ready yet for joining the large universal community.

Six months later Mandrake and Narda returned to the earth with a loss in their memory. Strangely Narda find that she had a new a large diamond look alike ring on her finger coming from ?

About one year later (The Birthday Party ms-580713-581130) a strange visitor came to Narda and Mandrake, wanting them to follow him to Magna. But of course they had now idea what the strange man was talking about. Lucky Magnon had record their "lost memory" on tapes and somehow the scientist of Magna was able to give them back their memory and our friends was on the road again (or perhaps one could say in the space again:-).

The reason for Magnon to pick up Narda and Mandrake was that he and his wife was expecting a child to be born. Both Magnon and Carola was precious to our friends because they helped them finding out that they love each other.


Trying to find a god name for their son we learn that Magnon's father was Wynton, his grandfather was Maxtom, his grand grandfather was Xaxon, his grand grand grandfather was Plagon and his grand grand grand grandfather was Zeusto. But Carola liked the name Nardrake.

The newborn son turn out to be a girl and our friends become Nardraka's godparents. Narda receive a medallion with a changing live picture of her godchild, and Mandrake receive a clock with universal time. He just have to think about a place (on mars, jupiter, earth and so on) and it shows the correct time, and there was a button -when pushing it sent a signal straight to Magnon himself.

When leaving Magna this time the scientist did not take away Mandrake and Narda's memory, they use a process the call N9x so our friends was not able to tell anyone about the galaxy who didn't already know.

Mandrake use the special button twice when strange and dangerous things heading the earth through space (ms-600814-601204 and ms-610604-610924). First some aliens stole huge amount of water from the earth and Magnon helped to bring it back.

Next a star eater, drifting for eons through the cold space and attracted by the heat of the stars and feeds on the star's energy, heading against the sun. Magnon sent a large spaceship fleet trying to rescue the earth, at the end Mandrake kills it with DDT !

Magnon see that the earth scientist have begin to explore the universe and believe that was ready for joining the federation of planets in the central galaxy during this generation. He appointed Mandrake as the special ambassador for earth.

calling ..

The scientists at Magna now had developed a 3D camera who project pictures to a place, this helped Mandrake and Magnon with their communication over the large distance. When Mandrake push the button at his watch Magnon project his 3D picture straight to Mandrake and they could talk with each other . This way our friends also could say halloo to their godchild Nardraka, and help people in love (ms-630317-630901).

When earth astronomers discover something big in space heading for earth (ms-640126-640809) mandrake call Magnon for help. Using the 3d projector Magnon could act like a mediator between the poor lonesome "giant" in the space and his friends and the earth was saved once more.

the family

The baboos, evil cannibalistic baboos from an other galaxy, did not succeeded in their war against Magnon the emperor of the central galaxy they kidnap Nardrake and try to hide her at the earth (ms-680218-680721).

Nardraka run away and came to Xanadu and our friends for the first time saw and talk with their godchild. When Magnon asked Mandrake what he would have in return for saving Nardraka and eliminate the baboos Mandrake asked if not the earth could join the federation of the central galaxy. Magnon said that when the earth have a situation with total peace, then ...

Marshal Rodon, high chief of all galactic fleets needed help from Mandrake and Lothar (ms-690406-690907) for catching two space criminal war lords. The "beam me up" light now have developed into some kind of glass transport bubbles.

When a strange visitor from an other galaxy got some trouble with his spaceship Magnon asked Mandrake to act like an ambassador and be a god host for the strange visitor (ms-700426-700823).

mr. Zed

Mr. Zed from the planet Zak told an amazing history. For a million years ago there was flesh people living on his planet who made the first robots. Their planet become over populated and polluted and then all people died in a gigantic war. During the centuries the robots developed a self reproduction generation with living metal and their machines become living "insects" of flesh and blood. Their space ship was similar with a gigantic grasshopper breed form a small cocoon.

Mandrake call for help from Magnon when astronomers from earth discover that something in the space (ms-710905-711121) eat a meteorite. Magnon send captain Forton from the imperial galactic intelligence service to help mandrake defighting the beast from space.

Once more evil animal people, the vicious rat man pirates who eats anything that moved, came with terror and war against the federation of planets in the central galaxy (md-730115-730505 and ms-801109-810705) and with Mandrake's help they were defighted.

The most dangerous, vicious, cruel and high-tech science master race that mandrake ever meet was the tiger man pirates (ms-840930-860608).

the central galaxy

Mandrake and Narda was invited with Magnon's vacation trip around the central galaxy and learn that the federation of the central galaxy have 3 billions non oxygen breathing planets and 1 million oxygen breathing planets.

The strangest oxygen breathing planet was Phigg where the rocks and trees was living and move around, and cats dogs and carrots all had wings and fly around. Magnon believed that the planet had come from an other universe through a white hole, the opposite of a black hole. White holes was a one way gateways between different universes.

At the planet Robo the people was made of living metal and their robots was like flesh men.

The oldest civilization was at the planet Cerebran were the people had developed to something like "talking heads". They know everything and could do everything just with their brain power.

The people at Cerebran know that in the central galaxy there was 68 201 wars going on and that Magnon's cousin, general Boron, was planing a revolt and wanted to become the new emperor.

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