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In Space

The Moon

the Stardust

Mandrake and Lothar frighten away a puma and save professor Thursby ("The Lunar Trip" ms-380327-380918), the inventor of a substance, which "did not undergo the laws of gravity". Thanks to his discovery, the scientist build an rocket ship with which he hopes to go on the hidden face of the moon. Mandrake and Lothar decide to accompany him - but the rocket ship counts a stowaway, Thursby's lovly daughter Laura.

After a short voyage in space the aircraft lands on the moon. The passengers did not use any vacuum-suits but they put on helmets of glass because the atmosphere was declared "un-breathable" by Thursby.

the Lunatopia

Walking on the dark side of the moon Mandrake and his companions discover a city under a doome, Lunatopie, and a gorgeous - coral-tinted bird as tall as a man. It was the pet of a handsom man, identical in form to Earthmen, dressed in a flowering toga. Without a word, he leads Mandrake and his party on a tour of a lovely city. Magnificently delineated in Grecian architecture with flowering fountains, music, loscious food and drink, no apparent laor. At bedtime, the Earthfolk was shown how to use lunar "air-mattress", which actually did float in the air.

The lunar people explained that, when the Earth and the Moon was young, there once was a magnificent civilization on the Moon. As the Moon grew older and lost its air and wather the people did migrate to the ancient earthly continent of Atlantis, where they reconstructed their great civilization.

Long time passed and Atlantis disappeared and the people return to the Moon. Now constucting a series of domed double cities on the side facing away from their lost Earth. Each city contained a surface community opf beauty, culture and comfort, and the underground city filled with automatic machinery wich performed all the work. The machines generated their own power and lubrication and was perfect, but the people was a bit afraid for them.

The few Lunarians who remained on Earth became the ancestore of modern mankind.

the Fire World

During their voyage on the moon our friends also find that the moon's flaming and molten core was inhabitated by an other lunar-race, the fire people and the dragon-like fire creature

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