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In the land of Cockaigne

Princess Narda, Prince Segrid, King Karl and Cockaigne in the era of Phil Davis

After Mandrake's fight with the Cobra he and Lothar went to Alexandria, and almost at once they were attacked by two ugly egyptians, servants for Princess Narda("The Hawk" md-341126-350223). Narda explained that she had sent her servants to scare the evil Hawk from Alexandria, but mistake Mandrake for the Hawk. Mandrake tried to help the princess only to find out that she once more try to kill him !

Hawk was the owner of a casino in Paris, and in this casino Narda's older brother, Prince Segrid, did have a quarrel over a debt he owed Count Alban. They both had been drinking and the next day some find Count Alban dead. Mr Hawk smuggled Narda and Segrid over the border and into Alexandria forcing them to give him lage sums of money, and now the crown jevels. Mandrake foun out that it was the Hawk who was the killer and that he had made a trap for the prince and princess, going for their money.

The first kiss

Soon Mandrake meets Princess Narda again ("Saki, The Clay Camel" md-350617-351102) and the readers could see that they have fall in love, but at the end of their third adventure together ("The Slave Traders of Tygandi" md-360720-361128) Princess Narda said good-bye to Mandrake and leave Egypt. Shortly after Mandrake also leave Egypt and moved to the US

Suddenly the glamorous Princess Narda, ruler with her brother Prince Segrid of romantic and faraway Cockaigne, turned up in the US ("Teiba Castle" md380912-381203) traveling with the general Manuel, the evil ruler of Teiba. Segrid once more have been unlycky in gambling and owed a large dept to Manuel, who want to use this to force Narda to marry him.

Mandrake helped Narda and without asking Narda's royal mama and papa they almost run away to get married. But one more person turn up, princess Narda's fiancé Avery the Duke of Hectares. Princess Narda break her engagement with Avery, but leave US before she told Mandrake.

Karl and Narda

Price Segrid rearranged the engagement between Princess Narda and the Duke of Hectares, and Cockaigne prepare the royal wedding ("Mandrake in Cockaigne" md-390515-390902). Segrid hope to regain the throne and Avery agreed to back him at the price of Narda's hand in marriage. But Mandrake made a quick trip to Cockaigne :-)

In this adventure it is said that Queen Isabella and her husband Karl have to children, Segrid and Narda, and that Queen Isabella sadly died shortly after Narda was born. Some time later King Karl fall in love with the commoner Elsa and King Karl renounced the throne to marry her, and Cockaigne became a republic.

Narda moved to US("The Octopus Ring" md-400506-401221) in the beginning of ww2. Segrid was hurt in the war and fall in love and secretly married his nurse Connie ("HRH Cuddles" md-470324 -470802), and they got a son Cuddles (Douglas Edward Peter Albert Georg, Baron of Philo, Duke of Elmspring). When King Karl died Segrid became crowned to king of Cockaigne, since Narda had renounced her succession to the throne

Narda have one aunt, Janet ("Mystery at the Bar T Ranch" md-491128-500211) who runs the Bar J Ranch, in the midwest of USA.

Segrid in 1937, 1950 and 1957
Lee Falk's image of Cockaigne was taken from Edward VIII who shocked the world in 1936 when he gave up his throne to marry an American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. Lee Falk mix this with with his image of a small (as the name duke of Hectare, one hectare is about 0.01 km²) european kingdom.

It is also a bit strange that Phil Davis draw Segrid a bit different in the various adventures.

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