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In the land of Magic

The Crystal Cube


The first appearance for the crystal cubes in the F. Fredricks era was in a adventure where the Cobra (md-691117-700307) was after the mystique crystal cube at the College of Magic.

The cubes was a ancient gift from the gods to the people at the college, and for centuries they worship the cubes.

Theron, who find out the secret of the cubes two hundreds years ago, believe that the cubes is a gift from travelers from space, long time ago (ed. wonder if Lee Falk was reading the books "chariots of the gods" and "gods from outer space" by Eric von Däniken this year).

Theron believe that the reason for that he have reach the age 300 is due to his daily meditations in front of the cube, it expiation him for waves from the cubes.

The cubes amplify and transmit thoughts around the earth (or even the stars), it even infinite power to light the earth - or split it.

The usual use for the cubes is that meditation in front of the cube make it creating a kind of power station for the CM city so they can survive inside the mountain, and it is a way for Theron in CM and Mandrake in Xanadu to keep close contact.

The cubes have terrifying power and it would be a disaster if they fall in the hands of the wrong people. For the Cobra it would make him to the master of the earth, no wonder that he was after one of the cubes for a long time.

Theron and Mandrake discover that it was to dangerous for Mandrake to have one of the cubes at Xanadu and decided that both of the cubes must stay at the College of Magic under Theron's protection.

("The Search for The Cobra" md-741104-750118)

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