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In the land of Magic

The College of Magic

Grando the Great & sons

In the era of Phil Davis there was a story about Mandrake and his twin brother Derek. The story started with their childhood, where the two twin brothers travel around the world preforming the art of magic with their father Grando the Great, the cleverest and best stage magicians of his time. On their world wide stage show they was always looking for some new and better magical tricks to use in their show.

Finally they reach India, the land of magic, and find the college of Magic in a hidden valley of Tibet. Grando the Great become ill and entrust the children to the grandmaster Theron, shortly after Grando died.

Only few of the pupils was known; Mandrake, Derek, The Swami, Mr. Bean and Aleena (md-481227-490423, md-501204-510317, md-530622-530926, md-541011-550101).

In 1949-50 China's newly established communist government sent troops to invade Tibet, and that is reflected i one adventurer from 1963 (md-630805-631207), in this it is also a first glimpse of the crystal cube (well, not a cube, but... :-).

First time the College of magic is mention in the era of Fred Fredricks (ms-650829-660403). Mandrake tell that Luciphor (later the Cobra) was a skill teacher at the college of magic, but commit a robbery and run away from the college.

It is not easy to become a student of the college (md-691117-700307), only two candidates are selected every year and they stay at the college at least for seven years.

After the invade of the chinese (ms-710530-710829) the 4 000 years old college was moved from its place in a valley into a cave in a mountain. A great magic spell by Theron.

It is something strange with the College of Magic. Tibet has an ancient and unique culture but the people who live in the College of Magic look european. Their cloths and buildings is very similar to the ancient greek culture.

If the college is 4 000 years old one may wonder if the college is a relict of the Minoan civilization in Crete, or maybe established by survivals of the Atlantis.

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