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Friends of Mandrake


Jed at the phone..

Inter-Intel is a secret organisation that collects information’s about crimes all over the world, and shares it with the police when they need information’s. There are about 100 bureaus around the world with headquarter in NY.

The first contact Mandrake had with the organisation was when Inter-Intel found clues that indicated that the man behind several crimes could be the Cobra, once defeated by Mandrake.

Two agents from Inter-Intel asked the police chief to drive them to Xanadu and introducing them to Mandrake (1). The Cobra discover that inter-Intel thought he still was alive and manage to kill, Mac, one of the agents who had visited Mandrake.

Jed, the second agent who had visited Mandrake at Xanadu soon became the new bureau head (2). In the beginning Jed and Mandrake became friends, and Jed often spent some of his spear time by the pool at Xanadu.

This friendship also developed into cooperation into the work of fighting crimes. There was installed a direct hot line phone between the Inter-Intel HQ and Xanadu. Mandrake got to know some of the hidden entrances to the secret HQ, and use the large information’s there if he needed.

Due to the large amount of information about criminals all around the world Inter-Intel had to protect their organisation.

First the international organisation was secret, known by only by a few. Second all the entrances and exits are hidden. The one mostly used by Mandrake and his friends was through a car wash. He then go down below the street level and moved by a speeding sidewalk or an side moving elevator before a vast excalator brings him up in a large building. Sometimes Mandrake now standing in a maze of mirrors (5) where green lights guiding him to the last entrances.

Inside the HQ, there are several people working with the information’s coming about crimes around the world. The goal is to have it all into a gigantic computer and by asking the computer could give an answer that is responsible for the crime just done.

When Karma came to the US she got her self a job at the hq (5), but I do not think she ever did work there. Only a few other employees and agents are known – perhaps they do not use their real name when they are at work. Even the last name of Jed is a bit uncertain. Once his office door had the name Jed Carr (3), once at his desk it was a name shield with Jed Bart (4).

Jed is the bureau head at the headquarter but Inter-Intel are leaded by a mysterious chief who have founded the organisation. When Mandrake had visited the HQ of Inter-Intel some times he found that behind the mysterious door marked with chief- there was an almost empty room just with a desk and a talking robot (5).

Shortly after Hojo started his work as cook at Xanadu the girls (Narda and Karma) found that he had a secret life between 9:00 – 17:30 (6). Perhaps Mandrake had an idea what Hojo was doing these hours, but he still was surprised when he found that Hojo was the mysterious chief of Inter-Intel (8).

A mystery

Hojo - and the robot

Looking a bit back one can wonder if Hojo have been the mysterious chief all the time since 1965. I do not think so, because of what happened when some thieves came to Xanadu (7).

Mandrake and Lothar is down at the Inter-Intel HQ, talking with Jed and the mysterious robot chief. At the same time at Xanadu Narda, Karma and Hojo discover that some thieves have manage to find the way up to Xanadu, looking for the Moxley (!) jewels.

I do not think Hojo could be two places at once so Mandrake have been talking with somebody else - The secret founder and chief of Inter-Intel.

What did happened to him and why did Hojo suddenly become the secret leader of Inter-Intel ?

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