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Mandrake's Home



In 1963 it was 4 years since the people had make a revolution and elected the president, Andros (1). Now Andros was ill and needed medical treatment in us. But the young democracy was unstable and people loyal to the old dictator tried to use the situation to make a coup. Mandrake stepped in as president Andros double and kept the situation stabile until Andros returned.

A year later the ambassador, Antone, visit Mandrake and show him a marvellous house (2). Just like the dream house Mandrake had tell him about on the plain back from the land of president Andros.

Ambassador Antone told Mandrake that Xanadu was a gift from president Andros, given in gratitude for Mandrake's help during the unstable period in his country. Mandrake soon moved into his new mountaintop home.

The road to Xanadu

For preventing dangerous intruders there are a few obstacles on the road ahead to Xanadu. Up in Xanadu there is a control room for controlling all the obstacles.

First are a wall and a tall gate with hidden cameras, microphones, loudspeakers and a vacuum mailbox. In the early years one mostly, after presenting one self, used a secret signal to open the gates. From the car honk tree times, wait tree sec and made one more honk. Nowadays the gates are opened through the control room. Of course the gate is closing automatic when one have driven through it.

Trying to not use the gate by climbing over the wall is not a good idea. The walls have electrical obstacles and the warning bells will ring up in the control room.

There are several more hidden cameras, microphones and loudspeakers up the road, just to make sure it is a friend approaching.

When the tall gate was opening one got a message that one have to drive at 20 miles pr hour and suddenly a deep chasm is opening - and if one drive exactly at 20 miles pr hour - closes just in time.

Then a wall is blocking the road and will lower into the road if one drives at 20 miles pr hour. In the early days this wall was a bit higher up the road and closed the next obstacle, the dark tunnel. If one drive at 20 miles pr hour, the wall suddenly lifts.

In the end of the dark tunnel there is one final gate, witch could be closed if the Cobra came for visit.

at the pool

One now can see the shining domes of Xanadu, the garden, the fountains and the big pool which going from the garden and into the house.

Inside the house there are several rooms, only a few are known.

First there is the previous mentioned control room, controlling the road up to Xanadu. There are also rooms with a private observatory and a laboratory.

Mandrake also have an odd art room with some of the criminals he have meet, the gangster gallery. Here one fined large paintings of the Cobra, the Mule, the Clay Camel, the Horse thief, the Odd Fellow, Goliath and others. The artist of this paintings are unknown, perhaps the are done by Mandrake him self (or by the famous artist Fred Fredericks :-)

A more mysterious room is Mandrake's study. In the years 1969 - 1975 he meditated in front of the amazing crystal cube in this room. When not in use he keeps it in a secret wall safe protected with laser beams, waving his hands he did break invisible beams (a short period one of the beams was violet and lightning when Theron wanted to speak with him through the cube) and a hidden wall panel did open - revaling the crystal cube.

There also have to be several other rooms in the house. After Mandrake and Narda had their wedding one could in the dailies see some panels of their bedroom. Narda had kept an apartment (3) but she probably spent most of her time with Mandrake at Xanadu.

Lothar also have one (or several) private room (s) at the house and most likely Karma spent most of her time together with him.

Hojo work as a gourmet chef of Xanadu and there are no story that indicates that he does not live at Xanadu. So there must a kitchen and some private rooms for him to use.

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