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Fun with Mandrake

Tijuana Bible - 8-pager - dirty little comics - comix, the kind men like!

Mandrake "in The Magican" by Mike Hunt

Plot: Mandrake invites a friend over, introduces him to his homely maid and makes a 5,000 bet that within 5 minutes he will become intimate with her. Man takes bet, Mandrake changes ugly maid into beautiful woman that can't be resisted, then changes her back to her natural state, Mandrake wins bet.

Mandrake the Magican "in a New Use For Magic" by Justin Lowe

Plot: Lothar wants a woman, so Mandrake creates one for him. Then wants seconds himself!

The Tijuana Bibles probably weren't produced in Tijuana (or Havana, Paris or London, as some of the covers imply), and they obviously weren't Bibles. They were clandestinely produced and distributed small booklets that chronicled the explicit sexual adventures of America's beloved comic-strip characters, celebrities, and folk-heroes. You name a pop icon of the time, for sure there was a Tijuana Bible drawn of them. These were the original 'underground comics!'.700 to 1,000 different Tijuana Bibles that are estimated to have been published The standard format consisted of eight poorly-printed 4"-wide by 3"-high black (or blue) and white pages and covers of a heavier colored stock.

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