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Something to Wear

Taystee Bread Company

Mandrake Magican Membership Card and Club Pin, from Taystee Bread Company

From 1934.
The pin measures a little over 1" by a little under 3/4"

Mandrake Adventure, from Taystee Bread Company

# 4 1934 KFS. # 6 - 4 p
From a series of at least six different numbered adventures and back cover includes image of covers for Adventures 1-6 as well as a Mandrake illustrated "Colored Cover" which was to hold the weekly stories. This features four-page Chapter 6 of "The Haunted Sky" story and is the final part to the story line. Includes four story illustrations plus ads for Taystee bread and back cover also features puzzles. 24 in all.

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