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Columbia Pictures

Mandrake the Magician


In 1939 Columbia Pictures made a black and white film serial in 12 episodes.

Director: Sam Nelson and Norman Deming
Cast: Ernie Adams, Don Beddoe, George Chesebro, Dick Curtis, Edward Earle, Warren Hull, Al Kikume, Kenneth MacDonald, Forbes Murray, Robert Sterling, George Turner, Doris Weston, Rex Downing, Don Beddoe, John Tyrrell

Episodes: Shadow On The Wall, Trap Of The Wasp, City Of Terror, The Secret Passage, The Devil’s Playmate, The Fatal Crash, Gamble For Life, Across The Deadline, Terror Rides The Rails, The Unseen Monster, At The Stroke Of Eight, The Reward Of Treachery.

If Lee Falk had anything to do with this serial I don't know.

Mandrake (Warren Hull) and Lothar (Al Kikume) help Professor Houston (and his lovely daughter Betty - Doris Weston) protect his radium energy machine from the head of an underworld gang, a sinister criminal genius known as "The Wasp".

The Wasp will stop at nothing to steal the scientists invention. His evil machinations to obtain the device include blowing up a radio station, a power plant, and a dam. Fortunately, his dastardly deeds cause only minimal damage because of the timely intervention of the quick-witted Mandrake, who has vowed to stop The Wasp.

I once read something strange about the movie poster. Have a look at the text " .. up a flaming holocaust .." - Remember, this poster is from 1939 !

Today one can find this serial on video's and dvd's

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