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Mutual Radio Network

Mandrake the Magician Radio Show

From the 11 nov. 1940 to 02 june 1942 Mutual radio network, New York, aired a 15 minute serial with Mandrake the Magician. It started as a three days a week serial and then five days a week beginning in 1941.

The serie was scripted by the Canadian Charles Spain "Chuck" Verral (known for the pulp hero Bill Barnes).

Henry Souvaine was the producer and Carlo De Angelo the director.
Cast: Raymond Edward Johnson as Mandrake, Juano Hernandez as Lothar and Francesca Lenni as Princess Narda

The first episode from 11 Nov. 1940 was taken from the daily strip of 12 sept. 1938 (Mandrake in Love md-380912-381203) but the rest of the plot was taken from the war theme; bombs, spy rings, submarine attacks near New York City and so on.

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