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Various projects

In Supporting Roles

Turkish film from 1967

Mandrake Killing' and Karsi

(Sorry, but I've never seen this one)

our friend

Beatles: Yellow Submarine (1968)

The scene, 'Ringo's House' appears early in the film when The Beatles are being rounded up to go on the voyage to Pepperland.



The celebrity Guest Collection

This is a weird one asit is a complete 30 minute kinny of a canadian Tv show. With no reserve and also has on it the Don Gilles Trio and the main comic sketch is all about how kids of today do not like comic books anymore.

And is a spoof starring people dressed up as Mandrake The Magician & Long Ranger & Tonto & Buck Rodgers & Tarzan & Flash Gordon and Captian Marvel and Superman and is very very funny.

radio show

Tom & Della-Club

Popeye und seine Freunde (from 1975)

Hörspiel (radio show) by Richard Reissmann

1972 ABC Saturday Superstar Movie special

Popeye Meets The Man Who Hated Laughter

This 27 minutes TV special (on a VHS tape) features an incredible selection of comic strip characters; many of which were animated only once in their existence. The list consists in: Popeye, Blondie, Little King, Little Iodine, Tiger, Beetle Baily, Steve Canyon, Mandrake, The Phantom, Hi and Lois, Captain and the kids, Maggie and Jiggs, Snuffy Smith, Flash Gordon, Tim Tyler and a special appearance by Prince Valiant!!!

Defenders of the Earth

Please go to Defenders of the earth.

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